05 Apr

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Although spring 2021 saw a change to the Senior Management Team, it remains an all-female team leading on role modelling and incentives for women aspiring to leadership roles.

Compared to our 2021 Gender Pay Gap report, the mean on women’s pay has been reduced from 0.42% in 2021 to -0.16% in 2022.

Drive has always supported and encouraged career development for staff of all genders, through regular supervision and appraisals, opportunities for learning and development, a 4-week onboarding programme and the achievement of recognised qualifications.  Where possible, Drive seeks to promote from within and, as a result, has a long-standing workforce of engaged and motivated employees.

Reward benchmarking is undertaken to ensure that pay and benefits are continually assessed within a fair and transparent process, based on the deliverables and accountabilities of each role, not the gender of the role holder.

As with other years, Drive is not complacent and will continue striving towards its equality, diversity and inclusion goals to ensure future reports remain positive and future looking.

I confirm the information published in this statement is accurate. If you have any queries please contact 

Carolyn Oliver-Hall

Director of Human Resources

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