Partnership working and co-production is at the heart of Drive’s values, ensuring individuals are equal participants in the way their support is planned, and making sure that the organisation is run in partnership with people supported and their families.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is made up of supported people who represent different local authority areas. Members are voted by their peers every 2 years, giving many people a chance to be involved. The Advisory group works in partnership with Drive’s Management Board, and is attended by Senior Managers and the Participation officers, providing the opportunity for supported people to share experiences of their support, raise ideas, issues or concerns. Group members play a vital role in decision making, reviewing polices and the Business Plan, as well as producing accessible information. ‘People we support lead the way’, working alongside us to run the organisation and make decisions on our future.



Drive Talking Groups

Every local authority area has quarterly Talking Groups, where people talk about their support and any local issues. These groups provide individuals with a dedicated forum in which they share their views and opinions. Feedback is shared with the Advisory Group and the Management Board. The Talking Groups provide the opportunity for Drive to share information with supported people and to help plan events and explore local activities and opportunities.


Drive’s choir, Signs of Music, has gone from strength to strength, with the wonderful Wendy York as conductor, and Lottery funding to help us come together every week to rehearse. Members of the choir all have a vital role to play and contribute equally whatever their ability, working together to create a wonderful sound. It is clear to see members of the choir have increased in confidence and self-esteem, stepping up for solos, and increasing communication with others and their audiences. Signs have been learnt for some of the songs too, making it truly inclusive. The choir proudly performs at many internal and external conferences and events.


Supported people tell Drive how important social gatherings and increased opportunities to join community events are. The Events Planning Group, which is made up of supported people and the Co-production officer and organises regular parties and fund-raisers, as well as working in partnership with other providers, charities, and local authorities. They have created the Beach Clean-Up Team to contribute to cleaner communities, and organised sports events to provide the Opportunities for people to be more active.

The team plan two conferences a year, and the Annual General Meeting all of which are always fully inclusive.They are chaired by people we support and include presentations from the Advisory Group, and creative performances from people we support.

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