Person centered active support

We design Outcome focused support in partnership with each individual using person centred planning and active support to enable people to access high quality support to achieve their goals and learn new skills.

All staff are trained to use active support, making sure they communicate effectively, provide the right level of assistance, and use skills teaching to help people achieve independence and the outcomes they want from life.

Progress is regularly monitored to make sure people are being supported to achieve quality of life and fulfill their hopes and aspirations.

Each person is supported to use enabling technology to support their independence and choices around their own home and when out in the community.

Positive Behaviour Support

Drive provides specialist support services to people with complex needs and behaviours that can challenge. We understand that individuals may present challenges as a way of communicating their needs, and provide training in Positive Behaviour Support to ensure that staff understand the function of behaviour, and how to provide positive support that reduces this over time. We have strong relationships with all of our local authority and health colleagues to provide excellent multi-disciplinary support to individuals.

We have seen a reduction in behaviour incidents for all of the people we support, and an increase in involvement in enjoyable activities at home and in the local community.


We provide specialist support to people with Autistic Spectrum Condition, both in shared supported living and in family homes. We also provide day-time support for young people in transition from education to adult services. Drive has National Autistic Society accredited status in two of our supported living services with a commendation for our excellent person-centred work.

‘We think your staff understand autism. The way they spoke goes beyond training.’

Mental Health Issues

Our services supporting people with mental ill health are primarily based in Cynon in our Tenancy and Wellbeing Services. Accommodation is staffed for 24 hours a day and staff provide advice and support on a sessional basis.

Support for people with mental ill health focuses on the recovery model and is tailored for each person to develop the skills and confidence to live successfully in the community. Where possible we support people to move-on to their own independent accommodation with less support.

All of our services are based in the community, giving each person the opportunity to develop life enhancing skills to maintain stable tenancies, and good health and wellbeing.

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